High Water Women's Investing for Impact Symposium
October 17, 2018 

Since 2013, High Water Women's Investing for Impact Symposium has evolved into an important gathering for impact investors who want to connect with other investors, advisors, and investment professionals. Past attendees have been impressed with the unique opportunities to network, our expertly curated program, and the breadth of experience brought by our speakers and discussion leaders, allowing for a closer examination and in-depth discussion of key impact topics and issues.

Our 2018 Symposium used the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals to build on the themes that HWW has been exploring since it first launched its impact symposium program in 2013: the practical realities of building an impact portfolio, the opportunities and challenges for acting, the latest developments in impact investing, and women in the impact investment marketplace.

Plenary sessions-videotape

Change Makers Remarks and Interview with Andrea Jung, President & CEO, Grameen America, Inc.

2030: Exploring the Sustainable Development Goals Three Years In — How are they being used as an investment framework?

  • Robert Brown, Senior Partner, Atlas Impact Partners
  • Adam Heltzer, Head of ESG and Sustainability, Partners Group
  • Roelfien Kuijpers, Head of Responsible Investments & Strategic Relationships, DWS
  • Anna Pot, Manager, Responsible Investments, APG Asset Management
  • Eric Rice, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, Wellington Management
  • Moderator: Yana Kakar, Global Managing Partner, Dalberg Advisors

 Gender Investing Spotlight Presentations — Moderated by Rita Kakati Shah, Founder & CEO, Uma

  • Public Equities: Diana van Maasdijk, Co-founder & Executive Director, Equileap
  • Venture Capital: Dr. Gitanjali Swamy, Managing Partner, IoTask
  • Achieving Gender Equity: Katherine St. Onge, Director, Syndications and Institutional Partnerships, Calvert Impact Capital
  • The Billion Dollar Fund for Women: Shelly Porges, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

FOCUS ON THE FUTURE: Winning the War, Impact Investing, Collaborative Capitalism and the Fight for a Sustainable Future — Institutional Size and Capital Flows.

  • Sasha Brown, Principal, Ecosystem Integrity Fund
  • Marc Diaz, Finance Leaders Fellow, Aspen Institute
  • Diana Propper de Callejon, Managing Director, Cranemere
  • Jonathan Rose, President, Jonathan Rose Companies
  • Moderator: Rehana Nathoo, Founder & CEO, Spectrum Impact

Breakout Sessions- Selected Video and Audio

Food — The differences between a food value system and a conventional food supply chain, and which aspects of the evolving food value systems present opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

  • Louisa Burwood-Taylor, Head of Media/Editor, AgFunder
  • Sanjeev Krishnan, Managing Director & CIO, Seed 2 Growth Ventures
  • Nadja Pinnavaia, Founder & CEO, Euphebe Healthcare
  • Shen Tong, Managing Partner, FoodFutureCo                                    
  • Moderator: Charlotte Kim, Partner Wilson, Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati

Regenerative Agriculture — What is regenerative agriculture and what are the investment opportunities and obstacles to scaling. 

  • Heather Eisenlord, Partner, RPCK
  • Karen Karp, President, KK&P
  • Lisa Sebasta, Founder, Sitari Capital
  • Ridge Shinn, Founder & CEO, Big Picture Beef
  • Renee Vassilos, Founder, Banyan Innovation Group
  • Briana Warner, CEO, Ocean Approved
  • Moderator: Aaron Niederhelman, Co-Founder &CEO, OneHealthAg

Climate and Resilience-

Climate and Resilience -Where are we since Paris? Where are the capital gaps?

  • Paul O'Connell, Founder & CEO, Sanolas, LLC
  • Leah Wood, Associate Director, Client Service, Impax Asset Management
  • Christie Zarkovich, Managing Director, Cambridge Associates
  • Moderator: Margot Kane, Advisor, Quantified Ventures/Circulate Capital

Climate and Resilience- Creating Impact across asset classes. How is impact being communicated? What needs to change?

  • Sarah Kearney, Founder & Executive Director, Prime Coalition
  • Zachary Knight, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Blue Forest Conservation
  • Asha Mehta, SVP, Director, Portfolio Manager, Acadian Asset Management
  • Jennifer von Bismarck, Managing Director, Arena Investments
  • Moderator: Bill Davis, Founder & Managing Director, Stance Capital

 Climate and Resilience- Case Studies

 Sustainable Cities — 

Panel 1 — Investment frameworks, what are the expectations for returns/impact

  • John Townsend, Board of Trustees, Altman Foundation
  • Miriam Wrobel, Consultant, Miriam Wrobel Consulting
  • Quinn Moss, Partner, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe
  • Moderator: Lori Scott, Chief Credit Officer, Impact Investments, MacArthur Foundation

Panel 2 — Investment choices, addressing goals/objectives of the investor with fiduciary-viable, investment options

  • Chloe Byruck, Senior Project Manager, Lela Goren Group
  • Imogen Carr, Advisor, Jail Reduction Strategies, Open Society Foundations
  • Kristin Koch, Director of Investor Relations, Jonathan Rose Companies
  • Derwin Sisnett, Managing Partner, Rethink Community
  • Moderator: David Sand, Chief Impact Strategist, Community Capital Management

Sustainable Cities- Case Studies


Achieving Impact and its Measurement-


 Panel 1 (morning) - Why do we measure impact? How do you measure impact? What tools do you use? What have been the lessons to date and what do you see as challenges going forward?

  • Jane Bieneman, Senior Director, Tideline
  • Anisa Dougherty, Investment Analyst, Tiedemann Wealth Management
  • Hannah Schiff, Director of Impact, Responsible Investing, Nuveen
  • Jennifer Signori, Senior Vice President, ESG and Impact Investing, Neuberger Berman
  • Moderator: Sasha Dichter, Chief Innovation Officer, Acumen Fund

Panel 2 (afternoon)- Discussion led by leading practitioners on lessons from the front lines. What are the tools available in the market? How do we achieve authenticity? How to balance authenticity and maintain simplicity and succinctness? What can be and should be the verification process?

  • Anne Amanda Bengasser, Director, Treehouse Investments
  • Priya Parrish, Chief Investment Officer, Impact Engine
  • Olivia Prentice, COO, Impact Management Project
  • Tom Woelfel, Director, Impact Advisory Services, Pacific Community Ventures
  • Moderator: Veronica Olazabal, Director, Measurement, Evaluation & Organizational Performance Rockefeller Foundation

2018 Symposium Supporters

Impax Asset Management LLC | Pax World FundsOrrickThe John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur FoundationJP Morgan ChaseChathamTreehouse InvestmentsPartners GroupCambridge AssociatesNuveenTiedemann AdvisorsNia Global SolutionsISS ESGJonathan Rose CompaniesGlenmedeCommunity Capital Management


2018 Network Partners

AboutMicrofinanceCroatan ForumGovernance and Accountability InstituteGreenMoneyImpact Capital ForumIntentional Endowments NetworkInvest with ValuesNexus GlobalTBLI ConferenceThe New York Alternative Investment Roundtable


2018 Investing for Impact Symposium

High Water Women's 2017 Investing for Impact Symposium

    Video and Audio from Panels and Breakout Sessions
  • Change Maker: Visible Leaders (video) — Perspectives on investing with impact from Valerie Rockefeller, Trustee, Chair, Rockefeller Brothers Fund interviewed by Debra Schwartz, Managing Director of Impact Investments, MacArthur Foundation.
  • Taking Action: Removing Obstacles to Change (video) — Examining the challenges and obstacles to adoption and achieving scale/impact.
    • Dana Bezerra, Senior Vice President, Heron Foundation | Michael Lear, Vice President, Bernstein Wealth Management | Christina Leijonhufvud, Managing Partner, Tideline | Laurie Spengler, President & CEO, Enclude Solutions | Susan Hammel, President, Cogent Consulting (Moderator)
  • Fighting for A Better World: Women in Impact Investing (video) — The leadership role of women in driving impact investing.
    • Angela Lee, Founder, 37 Angels | Alicia Robb, Founder & CEO, Next Wave | Ruth Shaber, President, Tara Health Foundation | Madji Sock, Global Operating Partner, Dalberg Global Development Advisors | Vicki Benjamin, President, Calvert Investments (Moderator)
  • Environment and Climate (video) — Integrating the environment opportunity and climate risk into investment portfolios.
    • Rob Day, General Partner, Spring Lane Capital | JoAnn Hanson, President, Church Investment Group | Joseph Kinard, Chair, Committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investment, Presbyterian Church | Kareen Laton, Partner, Head of Marketing & COO Asset Management, Greentech Capital Advisors | Torsten Marshall, Partner, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe | David Richardson, Executive Director, Global Head of Marketing & Client Service, Impax Asset Management (Moderator)
  • Diversity (video) — Achieving true diversity across investment strategies and asset classes.
    • John Duong, Director of Impact Investing, Lumina Foundation | Hunter Lovins, President, Natural Capitalism Solutions | Elisa Miller-Out, Managing Partner, Chloe Capital | Mina Pacheco Nazemi, Founder & Managing Partner, Aldea Capital Partners | Monique Aiken, Vice President Programs, Mission Investors Exchange (Moderator)
  • Spotlight: Women Investors Are the Solution to the World’s Problems! (video) — Presented by Sara Brand, General Partner, True Wealth Ventures.
  • Fireside Chat with Governor Deval Patrick (video) — Interviewed by Imogen Rose-Smith, Investment Fellow, University of California.
  • Panel Discussion: IMPACT! Impact Investing in the New Age of Social Activism (video) — The place of impact investing in social and environmental activism.
    • Suzanne Biegel, Founder, Catalyst at Large | Jay Lipman, Co-founder, Ethic | Jason Scott, Partner, Encourage Capital | Fran Seegull, Executive Director U.S. Impact Investing Alliance at Ford Foundation | Gitanjali Swamy, Managing Director, IoTask | David Bank, Editor & CEO, ImpactAlpha (Moderator)
  • Panel Discussion: Go Big or Go Home (video) — What is the future of impact investing? The best bold new ideas driving impact investing today.
    • Ron Cordes, Co-founder, Cordes Foundation | Debbie McCoy, Managing Director, BlackRock | Jameela Pedicini, Director, Asset Management, Perella Weinberg | Brace Young, Partner, Arabesque | Emily Chasan, Sustainable Finance Editor, Bloomberg (Moderator)
  • Urban Development (audio) — The role of impact investments in transforming cities.
    • Olympia DeCastro, Partner, Community Investment Management | Lyneir Richardson, CEO, Chicago TREND | Ommeed Sathe, Vice President, Impact Investments, Prudential Financial | Greg Shell, Managing Director, Bain Capital | David Press, Partner, Confluence Partners (Moderator)
  • Rural Development (audio) — Investing in infrastructure to address the economic, environmental & social needs of rural communities.
    • Kaela Gallo, Lead Designer, Propel | Joshua Humphreys, President and Senior Fellow, Croatan Institute | Cynthia Muller, Program & Portfolio Officer, Mission Driven Investments, W.K. Kellogg Foundation | Candace Smith, Managing Director of Risk, MicroVest | Rachel Schneider, SVP, Center for Financial Services Innovation (Moderator)
  • Removing Obstacles to Change: A Deeper Dive (audio) — What it takes to get investors to sign on for impact while balancing returns expectations.
    • Sara Brand, Founding General Partner, True Wealth Ventures | Melissa Cheong, CIO, Zoma Capital | Erin Harkless, Senior Investment Director, Cambridge Associates | Allyson McDonald, CEO, Work Capital | Rebecca Price, Program Officer, Investors' Circle (Moderator)
  • Housing (audio) — Developments and trends in impact investments in creating affordable housing and healthy communities.
    • Jonathan Asmis, Chief Executive Officer, Landed | Doug Lawrence, Managing Principal, 5 Stone Green Capital | Michael Saadine, Director, Bridges Fund Management | David Sand, Chief Investment Strategist & Chief Impact Investment Officer, Community Capital Management | Lisa Davis, Executive Director and Portfolio Manager, Impact Investing, PGIM Real Estate (Moderator)
  • Regenerative Agriculture (audio) — Investing in sustainable agricultural solutions for local economies and global problems.
    • Sada Geuss, Investment Manager, Trillium Asset Management LLC | Caroline MacGill, Managing Director,  Armonia | Aria McLauchlan, Co-founder, Land Core USA | Marc Oshima, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Aero Farms | Steffen Schneider, Director of Farming Operations, Hawthorne Valley Farm | Karen Karp, President, KK&P (Moderator)
  • Measuring Impact Challenges (audio) — Assessing impact measurement tools and effectiveness.
    • Laura Albarracin, Senior Analyst, oekom research | Matt Greenfield, Managing Partner, Rethink Education | Stephanie Kater, Consultant, The Bridgespan Group | Kate Starr, CIO, Flat World Partners (Moderator)

2017 Symposium Sponsors

MacArthur FoundationOrrickChatham ImportsBlackRockDeutsche BankTreehouse InvestmentsKKRTrillium Asset ManagementCalvertColumbia Threadneedle InvestmentsImpax Asset ManagementMicrovestoekom researchTara Health FoundationTideline

Big Path Capital | EMM Wealth | Fidelity Charitable | Foundation Source | Gartland & Mellina Group | Nia Global Solutions | UVI Research & Technology Park | Walden Asset Management

2017 Network Partners

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Financial Women's Association | Foundation Source | GIIN | Mission Investors Exchange |NEXUS | Toniic | 100 Women in Finance | Women Moving Millions

High Water Women's 2016 Investing for Impact Symposium

    Video and Audio from Panels and Breakout Sessions
  • Keynote: Impact Investing – The Road Forward (video) — The importance of policy developments and how we move forward with different stakeholders.
    • Elizabeth Littlefield, President & CEO, Overseas Private Investment Corporation
    • Followed by a conversation with Laurie Spengler, President & CEO, Enclude
  • Intergenerational Impact (audio) – How will Impact Investing & millennials change philanthropy? What are some intergenerational approaches to structuring a portfolio for impact?
    • Hilary Irby, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley (Moderator) | Eric Jacobsen, Co-founder, Gratitude Railroad | Justina Lai, Director of Impact Investing, Wetherby Asset Management | Anna-Marie Wascher, CEO & Co-Founder, Flat World Partners
  • Diversity and Impact Investing: The Aspirational Gap (video) — In light of the international focus on gender equality and diversity as well as a number of new solutions in the market, what is needed to create greater impact?
    • Sara Brand, Founding General Partner, True Wealth Ventures (Moderator) | Steven Godeke, Trustee, Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation | Gayle Jennings O'Byrne, General Partner, Maya Ventures Partners | Linda-Eling Lee, Managing Director and Global Head of ESG Research, MSCI | Pat Zollar, Managing Director, Neuberger Berman
  • Public Market Investing: From Integration to Materiality to Impact (video) — Discussion around the different approaches to investing in public equities and fixed income. Innovations in data and tools and what you need to know.
    • Jamie Silver, Managing Director, Mariner Investment Group (Moderator) | Erica Lasdon, Vice President Research and Advocacy, Calvert Investments | James Dearborn, Head of Municipal Investing, Columbia Threadneedle | Karina Funk, Portfolio Manager, Large Cap Sustainable Growth, Brown Advisory | Kristina Rueter, Head of Research, oekom research AG
  • Entrepreneurs: Challenges & Importance to Accessing Aligned Capital for Growth (video) — Where do you go after you received initial funding? The struggle of getting funding that supports your impact mission. Women face an even higher hurdle in follow-on funding. The fragmentation of the funding market offers benefits for investors.
    • David Bank, Editor & CEO, ImpactAlpha (Moderator) | Michelle Gonzalez, Managing Director and Co-founder, The Influencer Series | Molly Morse, Chief Executive Officer, Mango Materials, Inc. | Rehana Nathoo, VP of Social Innovation, Case Foundation | Kerry Rupp, Partner, True Wealth Ventures | Nate T. Yohannes, Senior Advisor, U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Moving Ahead (video) — The leading voices in Impact will weigh in on the state of the industry and the steps forward for achieving integration and scale.
    • Anna Snider, Head of Due Diligence for the CIO, Merrill Lynch and US Trust, (Moderator) | Christina Leijonhufvud, Managing Partner, Tideline | Tracy Palandjian, CEO, Social Finance | Debra Schwartz, Managing Director, MacArthur Foundation
  • Mobilizing Women Investors and Influencers (video)
    • Drianne Benner, Managing Director, Appomattox Advisory | Bonny Moellenbrock, Executive Director, Investors’ Circle | Ellen Remmer, Senior Partner, The Philanthropic Initiative
  • Direct Private Investing: The Hot Topic, But How Do You Do It Well? (audio) — How to access the right deal flow, importance of networks, deal due diligence, important lessons.
    • Amy Wildstein, Managing Director, Springboard Growth Capital (Moderator) | Dr. Joan Fallon, Founder & CEO, Curemark | Will Poole, Managing Partner, Capria Ventures & Unitus Seed Fund | Cynthia Ringo, Managing Partner,  DBL Investors | Barbara Raho, Private & Angel Investor; Managing Director, Golden Seeds
  • What’s New: Development Finance in the Developing World (audio) — Current innovations in lending, micro-finance 3.0, SME financing. What is needed and how to build for investment results and impact.
    • Georgia Levenson Keohane, Executive Director, Pershing Square Foundation (Moderator) | Vivina Berla, Co-Managing Partner, SaronaAsset Management | Peter Bernard, COO, Root Capital | Candace Smith, Managing Director of Risk, MicroVest
  • Investing for the Environment: Local vs Global, Private vs Public (audio) — How are different investors approaching this space, what has been effective? How do we combine these approaches to maximize impact?
    • Imogen Rose-Smith, Staff Writer, Institutional Investor (Moderator) | Taryn Goodman, Director of Investment Partnerships, NatureVest | Paulus Ingram, Managing Partner, Arc Fiduciary | Cindy Nawilis, Director of Investor Relations and Operations, SunFunder | Conor Platt, Co-founding CEO and CIO, Etho Capital | Ashley Shulten, Director, BlackRock
  • Investing in Cities (audio) — Innovative uses of investment structures and unique partnerships. The decentralized economy and development of local/regional models. Living cities and the role of infrastructure investment.
    • Eric Glass, Senior Portfolio Manager, AllianceBernstein (Moderater) | Lisa Davis, Director, Investor Relations & Specialty Investment Originations, Pembrook Capital Management | Ivan Frishberg, First Vice President Sustainability Banking, Amalgamated Bank | Eileen Neely, Director of Capital Innovation, Living Cities | Debra Schwartz, Managing Director, MacArthur Foundation | Taj Tabassoom, Associate, SeaChange Capital Partners
  • Global Economic Inclusion (audio) — Evaluating policy, development and tech approaches to this issue. What is being done to expand the investment options and is there a tension here between scale vs impact.
    • Jalak Jobanputra, Founder/Managing Partner, Future Perfect Ventures (Moderator) | Arlyn Davich, Founder/CEO, PayPerks | Monica Brand Engel, Partner, Quona Capital | Joan Trant, Director of Marketing and Impact, TriLinc Global | Kathleen Utecht, Managing Partner, Core Innovation
  • Sustainable Food Investments (audio) — Understanding food as a continuum; growing, distribution and waste. What is needed to make this accessible for everyone and not just for the 1%?
    • Kim Fortunato, Director-Community Affairs and President, Campbell Soup Foundation (Moderator) | Michael Hoelter, Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund, Deutsche Bank | David Nicola, Founder and CEO, Blackdirt Capital | Anastasia Cole Plakias, Founding Partner, Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm | Lisa Sebesta, Founder and Managing Partner, Fresh Source Capital

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High Water Women's 2015 Investing for Impact Symposium

    Thanks to Our 2015 Sponsors
  • MARKET MAKERS: Calvert Investments  |  Crop Harvest Earth Organic  |  Nuveen Investments  |  John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
  • GAME CHANGERS: Ardsley Partners  |  Goldman Sachs Asset Management | KKR  |  Mariner Investment Group  |  MicroVest Capital Management  |  Omidyar Network  |  TriLinc Global  |  U.S. Trust
  • STEWARDS OF CHANGE: Alston & Bird  |  Columbia Threadneedle Investments  |  Gratitude Railroad  |  Impax Asset Management  |  Rockefeller & Co.  |  RPCK  |  Skopos Impact Fund
  • CHANGING HEARTS & MINDS: Bank of the West BNP Paribas  |  Chilton Capital Management  |  DivestInvest  |  EMMNY  |  Foundation Source  |  Green Century Capital  |  Laura Kind McKenna |  Perrett Laver

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2015 Advisory Board

Saundra Gibson, Credit Suisse  |  Lisa Kleissner, Felicitas Foundation  |  Brace Young, Mariner investment Group  |  Adam Wolfensohn, Wolfensohn Fund Management

2015 Symposium Steering Committee

Drianne Benner, Appomattox Advisory  |  Ariane de Vienne, Cornerstone Capital  |  Diane Keating, High Water Women  |  Amy Patel, Imprint Capital  |  Alexandra Poe, Reed Smith  |  Imogen Rose-Smith, Institutional investor  |  Anna Snider, Merrill Lynch  |  Kate Starr, Starria

Investing for Impact Symposium Panel

High Water Women's 2014 Investing for Impact Symposium

    2014 Symposium Press Coverage
  • Wall Street Journal Video InterviewThe Wall Street Journal's Veronica Dagher interviewed Clara Miller, President of the FB Heron Foundation, Laurie Spengler, President Enclude Holdings and Candace Smith, COO Microvest – all speakers at HWW's 2014 Investing for Impact Symposium.

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2014 SymposiumLab

An innovative feature of this year's event was our SymposiumLab. The SymposiumLab demonstrated technology resources available to the conference participants including platforms for investing, trading, educational and networking groups, impact measurement solutions and other technology solutions. The SymposiumLab demonstrated the increasingly important role that technology plays in encouraging investments in this sector via educating the investor, analyzing and gaining insights into problems, expanding market coverage and industry networks around the globe, more effective measurement of financial and impact performance and creating new standard for fund transparency and financial reporting.

2014 SymposiumLab Exhibitors

Boundless Impact  |  HealRWorld  |  InvestOrbit  |  Plum Alley  |  PROSEEDER

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High Water Women's 2013 Investing for Impact Symposium