High Water Women's third annual Investing for Impact Symposium

October 22, 2015

 CUNY Graduate Center

365 5th Avenue

~8:00AM - 5:30PM~

New York City

 (followed by cocktail reception 5:30 to 7:30 pm)

 2015 Speakers (in formation)

We are pleased to announce that Ron, Marty and Stephanie Cordes will share their impact journey in our Keynote Address

Lauren Booker Allen, Omidyar Network * Ross Baird, Village Capital * Jonathan Bedar, BioLite * Preeti Bhattacharji, FB Heron Foundation * Vicki Benjamin, Calvert Investments *  William Burckart, Burckart Consulting * Ellen Carey, GIIN * Sandy Darville, Inter-American Development Bank * Lee Ann Dillon, Reed Smith * Howard Fischer, Basso Capital Management * Farha-Joyce Haboucha, Rockefeller & Co.* Lisa Hall, Anthos Asset Management * Robert Hassler, Oekom Research * Spencer  Hempleman, Ardsley Partners * Erika Karp, Cornerstone Capital * Karen Karp, Karp Resources * Sean Keogh, USAID * Lauren Koopman, PwC * Steve Liberatore, TIAA CREF Asset Management * Laura McKenna, The Patricia Kind Family Foundation * Janet McKinley, Advance Global Capital * John Meyers,  Swisscontact North America * Andrea Turner Moffitt, Wealthive * Amie Patel, Imprint Capital * Bonnie Moellenbrock, Investors' Circle * Himani Phadke, SASB * Kalpana Raina, 252 Solutions * John Rogers, Bridges Ventures * Marc Roberts, WAM * Dimple Sahni, Anthos Asset Management * Debra Schwartz, MacArthur Foundation* Fran Seegull, Impact Assets * Julie Shafer, Bank of the West BNP Paribas * Dominique Bangasser Slavin, Treehouse investments * Aarthi Sowrirajan, Turner Impact *  Silda Wall Spitzer, New World Capital * Mitchell Strauss, OPIC * Stevie Valdez, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves * Jackie VanderBrug, US Trust * Adam Wolfensohn, Wolfensohn Fund Management * Flory Wilson, B-Lab * Ion Yadigaroglu, Capricorn Investment Group * Lucy Yu, Rethink Education

 2015 Program Agenda


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2015 Sponsors (in formation)


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Chilton Capital



Green Century Capital Management
Foundation Source 




 2015 Media and Network Partners 



  37  Angels * * Arabella Advisors * Bioneers * CatalystConnext Consulting * Falk Marques GroupGovernance & Accountability Institute * Global Insight International * Inspiring Capital * Invest with Values * Maximpact * Microfinance Club of New York * New York Hedge Fund Roundtable * Rachel's Network * Real Leaders * SIFMA * Wealthrive


 2015 Advisory Board

Saundra Gibson, Credit Suisse * Bobbi Dunphy, Treasure8 * Lisa Kleissner, Felicitas Foundation * Jan Piercy, Enclude * Brace Young, Mariner investment Group * Adam Wolfensohn, Wolfensohn Fund Management 

2015 Symposium Steering Committee 

Drianne Benner, Appomattox Advisory * Moya Connelly, Deutsche Bank * Ariane de Vienne, Cornerstone Capital * Nicola Fritz, Impax Asset Management * Diane Keating, High Water Women * Susan Meirs* Amy Patel, Imprint Capital * Marcela Pinilla, Accountability * Alexandra Poe, Reed Smith * Robyn Polansky, US Trust * Imogen Rose-Smith, Institutional investor * Delores Rubin, Deutsche Bank * Anna Snider, Merrill Lynch * Marya Stark * Kate Starr, Starria 


 2014 Symposium highlights

HWW's 2014 Investing for Impact Symposium, held on October 21st in NYC, brought together more than 300 investors, advisors, impact experts and practitioners for an exciting lineup of speakers, panels and breakout sessions to focus on how different investors are approaching the impact space and discuss the opportunities and challenges for growth. Symposium documents can be downloaded here.

Download the Symposium Agenda
Download the Symposium Acknowledgments w. Agenda 
Download Speaker and Panelist bios
Download SymposiumLab Exhibitor bios
Download Attendance List 

2014 Symposium presentations

New, Objective Evidence of Women’s Performance in the Financial Sector
Elise N. Zoli, Equity Partner Goodwin Procter LLP
Founder, The Bottom Line (The ROI Factor Project)

Clara Miller's Keynote address (video in its entirety)

A Framework for Structuring a Sustainable Impact Investing Strategy (video in its entirety) with Liesel Prtizker, Blue Haven, and Matthew Weatherly-White, CAPROCK, moderated by Laurie Spengler. Enclude.

2014 Press coverage

The Wall Street Journal's Veronica Dagher interviewed Clara Miller, President of the FB Heron Foundation, Laurie Spengler, President Enclude Holdings and Candace Smith, COO Microvest, all speakers at HWW's 2014 Investing for Impact Symposium. Watch now.


Here is what people had to say about High Water Women’s Second Annual Investing for Impact Symposium:

"...That may have been one of the smartest conferences I've ever presented at."

"My observations were wildly positive: the open and generative aura about the conference, the caliber of the speakers and panelists, the relevance of the topics, the fruitful networking, the welcoming venue. A complete success!"

"A tremendous program!"

"It was a great event - really so refreshing to be in a room of women!" 

"A first-rate event attended by first-rate people. Congratulations!"

 2014 Sponsors 

Omidyar Network | Cornerstone Capital | Anonymous | Ardsley Partners  |  Barclays  |  Deutsche Bank  |  MicroVest  |  Northern Trust | Reed Smith | TriLinc Global | Alberleen Group  |  Alston Bird  |  Blackrock  |  Columbia Management  |  Ecotrust Forest Management  |  Highmount  |  Withers Worldwide | Altiris | Calvert Investments  |  The CAPROCK Group  |  Ellevate  |  Impax Asset Management  |  Trillium Asset Management 

 2014 SymposiumLab

An innovative feature of this year's event was our SymposiumLab - The Symposium Lab demonstrated technology resources available to the conference participants including platforms for investing, trading, educational and networking groups, impact measurement solutions and other technology solutions. The SymposiumLab demonstrated the increasingly important role that technology plays in encouraging investments in this sector via educating the investor, analyzing and gaining insights into problems, expanding market coverage and industry networks around the globe, more effective measurement of financial and impact performance and creating new standard for fund transparency and financial reporting.

SymposiumLab Exhibitors

 Boundless Impact | Gates Global Impact | HealRWorld | Institutional Investor FON | InvestOrbit | Mission Markets | Plum Alley | PROSEEDER  

 2014 Media and Network Partners

Abernathy MacGregor  |  EurekaHedge  |  Foundation & Endowment Intelligence  |  Fundfire  |  Institutional Investor Forums  |  Money Management Intelligence  | Wealthrive  | 37 Angels  |  |  Arabella Advisors  |  Bioneers  |  Calvert Foundation  |  Capital Good Fund  |  Catalytic Women  |  Catalyst  |  Confluence Philanthropy  |  Connext Consulting  | Convening the Conveners  | Global Insight International  |  Good Capital  |  Governance & Accountability  Institute  |  Inspiring Capital  |  Maximpact  |  National Center for Family Philanthropy  |  New York Hedge Fund Roundtable | Rachel's Network  |  Real Leaders  |  Slow Money  |  Sponsors for Education Opportunity  | Talgra |  Wealth & Giving Forum  |  World Pulse  |  Women's Advancement Compact


From the Margins to the Mainstream

Assessment of the Impact Investment Sector and Opportunities to Engage Mainstream Investors. A report by the World Economic Forum Investors Industries; Prepared in collaboration with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

Charting the Course: How Mainstream Investors can Design Visionary and Pragmatic Impact Investing Strategies. A report by the World Economic Forum Investors Industries. Prepared in collaboration with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu – September 2014

 World Economic Forum: Ideas to Practice:

 Private Capital, Public Good: How Smart Federal Policy Can Galvanize Impact Investing — and Why It’s Urgent, is available for download here and online at US National Advisory Board on Impact Investing’s report of policy recommendations to galvanize impact investing in the United States

 Money and Impact Investing Directory Money and Impact Investing Directory -Great resource about aligning money and values!

 2013 Symposium highlights: October 3rd, NYC




See program agenda and speaker list for the 2013 Symposium