HWW Impact: Volunteerism through Key Initiatives

Financial Literacy Education


Partners: NYC Dept. of Youth and Community Development, New York Public Library, NYC Summer Youth Employment Program and several nonprofits.

In 2013, more than 120 HWW volunteers and 1,500 students will be involved in more than 40 programs.

Volunteer & Student testimonials

“I really enjoy it and feel it makes a difference.”
- Kristin Short, Volunteer at Metropolitan High School, Brownsville Brooklyn

"I learned a lot of things that will help me make better money decisions in the future.”
- Teen Participant at Mott Haven Library, South Bronx

"This program was great!"
- Anthony Urena, Teen Participant at Columbus Library

"Working with the kids was very fulfilling…I feel I have found volunteer work I love.”
- Jojon Tamir, Volunteer at Columbus Library, Manhattan



Global: Risk and Transformation Consulting

HWW volunteers have traveled into the field to complete pro bono assignments on behalf of MFIs in Colombia, Ghana, Philippines and Liberia and have worked with MFIs in Guatemala and Haiti. Next stop: Kenya 2014.

 Impact Investing Education

In October 2013, HWW will expanded its visibility as a thought leader in values based investing with our Symposium: Investing for Impact in NYC.


Testimonials from 2013 Attendees

Feedback from attendees indicated satisfaction with the range and depth of topics explored, Additional comments indicated that the event allowed for the full engagement of the audience with a generous sharing of ideas. The enthusiasm and experience in the room pushed all of us forward in thinking about next steps for the impact investing sector.

Better than Davos”
- representative from Melinda Gates Foundation

“I do this for a living …and this is the best I’ve ever been to. Just let me know how we can help next year.”
- Gil Crawford, founder Microvest

“It wasn’t just the content that was great. This event had soul.”
- Big Bank employee

Programs for low-income children 


Back-to-School Backpack Drive

In 2013, HWW supporters and volunteers made it possible to provide 10,000 children in need with new fully supplied backpacks to start the school year

Thanks to High Water Women once again for the amazing Backpack Drive that you do each year. Including Iris House means that dozens of children will have a fresh start for the school year, and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to help them. One of the young girls put it on immediately upon receiving it and wouldn’t take it off or let it touch the round- that’s dedication, particularly at a family picnic where everyone is running around playing.
-Iris House 2013

Secret Santa

Training and mentoring: work force readiness and college-bound skills

HWW relies on funding from foundations, corporate partners and individuals to support our work.

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